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I’ve just come back to Bali after a few days at home in Cairns.

The one thing I absolutely hate about arriving at Denpasar International Airport is the battle over luggage trolleys. Theoretically trolleys are available free of charge, for passengers to use within the airport. However, in practice it looks rather different. All the supposedly free trolleys are claimed by the porters (the guys in cream coloured slacks and blue shirts in the attached photo), and to use a trolley, you have to pay the porter. Free trolleys at Bali International Airport? Only if you can wrestle one away from a porter, or if you win the Bali trolley lottery, finding one which has not been claimed. The real problem is that the airport management company charges the porters a huge sum of money to work at the airport (they are NOT airport employees), and somehow these guys want to/need to get that investment back, and I don’t have a problem with that. That is, if they carry my luggage, or use one of the oversized luggage trolleys which are there for the porters to use.

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