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In an article published in The Bali Times Governor Pastika reported on the progress made during his time in office, but also about the challenges faced in the future. Pastika said that:

“Programmes including the free healthcare scheme for registered Bali residents, the assistance for renovating houses owned by poor families and scholarship schemes for poor students were helping alleviate poverty, while environmental schemes were improving the condition of the island”

Unfortunately none of the Balinese I have spoken to, are aware of the existence of the above healthcare scheme. Information is power, and those in power in Bali simply show neither the will nor any urgency in making important information available to the general population. It’s simply not good enough for the government to institute such schemes, and leave the population totally in the dark. Governor Pastika is very skilled in publizing his achievements, how about using these skills to get, what could be life-saving information, to the people of Bali. Or are these schemes, which are supposed to assist all Balinese, really only there for those “in the know”, that segment of the population which is well connected, well educated, and financially well off?

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