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Scuba diving in Bali is still something of a secret. Having dived in most of the more “fashionable” dive areas in Indonesia, such as Bunaken, Lembeh, Raja Ampat, Ambon, Banda and Komodo, I can say that Bali is still one of my favourite dive destinations. Let me tell you why in a little more detail.

1. Bali is easy and inexpensive to get to

Air Asia operates into Bali from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Jetstar also has direct flights to Bali, making Bali a prime destination, serviced by the best known budget airlines in the region. Of course, most full service airlines also fly to Bali.

2. Bali offers something for everyone

Whether you enjoy brisk currents, a beautifully, coral encrusted wreck, muck diving, deep diving, or a mix of all of the above, it’s all here in Bali. Although some road travel is involved to get from one area to the next, there are no expensive, domestic flights involved, which makes Bali a very cost and time effective dive destination.

3. Have you thought about taking up scuba diving, or upgrading your certification?

Bali has a large number of professionally run dive operations, offering the whole palette of dive courses. From open water to dive instructor, it can be done in Bali, at prices which are hard to find anywhere else in Indonesia, or for that matter, anywhere.

4. Are you traveling with a non-diver?

If you are traveling with a non-diver, you know how difficult it can be to balance your passion for diving, with the needs of your non-diving partner. In Bali that’s not an issue. There is plenty to do for non-divers – day tours to cultural treasures, shopping, getting pampered in a spa, hiking, mountain biking, surfing – the list goes on and on – oh, have I mentioned shopping?

5. Dive Day Trips

If you don’t want to change hotels, or you are travelling with a non-diver, it is really convenient that most dive sites in Bali can be visited as a day trip

For more information about diving in Bali, as well as other parts of Indonesia, check out:

and for a quick overview of where to dive in Bali, have a look at some of the most popular Bali Dive Sites

Come to Bali – try the diving – and be amazed

If you have any questions at all about diving around Bali, just send an email to info@baliinformation.net or use the enquiry form

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My good friend Joris Rombouts has published a reef guide, called, surprise, surprise “My Reef Guide” . It’s a work of love, and the result  of nearly twenty years diving in the tropical waters of the Philippines and Indonesia.