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Jatiluwih Unesco World Heritage Site

Jatiluwih, Bali, Indonesia

Jatiluwih, Bali, Unesco World Heritage Site


Jatiluwih is one of the places in Bali which I absolutely love. When I come here, I usually stay a night or two.

DW, the German TV station, had a world wide photo competition of Unesco World Heritage sites, and the above photo of Jatiluwih, which I took very, very early one morning, came in #10 out of 4000 entries. If you follow this link http://www.dw.com/en/best-of-your-world-heritage-pictures/g-18538752 you can see the first 10 photos in the competition


Gustav Bali B & B in Sanur

A couple of weeks ago I stayed at Gustav Bali B & B in the heart of Sanur.

This is one of the places I wholeheartedly recommend for the budget concious traveller.

The staff welcome you in a warm and friendly manner when you arrive. The room I stayed in was clean, the air con worked well, and since it was one of the upstairs rooms, it had a lovely outside sitting area. In the afternoon a tray with a thermos of hot water, coffee, tea, sugar and creamer is placed in front of every room, so guests can have an afternoon “cuppa”.  Breakfast is a choice of tea or coffee, pancake or toast with jam. If you like a more substantial breakfast, I recommend going to “The Coconut Tree” The phone number for Gustav’s is 0361281886 – there are only 7 rooms, and I would recommend to pre-book a couple of days in advance, or more during high season.

The location is fantastic, right in the heart of Sanur, almost next door to Hardy’s Supermarket. It’s less than 10 minutes walk to the beach (and I walk slowly since I stop to take photos), and less than 5 minutes walk to my favourite coffee shop/restaurant “The Coconut Tree”


Fantastic New Barber Shop

There is a new Barber Shop, or as it is locally known, Potong Rambut, in Peliatan, about 300m from the traffic light (turn right at the lights when coming from central Ubud). The name is great too – Maskoolin

I just had a hair cut, plus a head and shoulder massage for Rp30.000 – about AU$3 (actually the owner asked for Rp20.000 but I thought that was too cheap). The place is brand – spanking new, clean, and friendly. Not much English is spoken, but basic Indonesian, combined with sign language, got me what I was after. The guy was maybe a little flustered having an old Australian female walk into his shop, which I think only opened yesterday, but he was ok with it.

new barber shop



Tai Chi Bali


Tai Chi Bali – World Tai Chi Day 26 April 2014

My friend Dave West from Tai Chi Bali sent me this flyer to remind me of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day on 26 April 2014. For more information you can contact him, details are on the flyer.


World Tai Chi Day 26 April 2014

World Tai Chi Day 26 April 2014

 Click on the image to enlarge it, so you can see the contact details


Schapelle Corby – Drug Trafficer

Schapelle Corby - Drug Trafficer

Sins of the Father – book cover


To be quite honest, I am sick and tired of hearing and/or reading about  Schapelle Corby.

However, if you want to get an idea about her background the “Sins of the Father” is an interesting read.

As far as I am concerned, she is, and always will be, a convicted drug trafficer who was legally convicted and sentenced. The media cover she is receiving, and the publicity generated by her family and “friends” is absolutely sickening. Just to get an idea, have a look at this article which appeared int the “Bali Daily” on 27 February, under the headling:

Minister blocks Corby’s TV interview


the following paragraph from the above article, is pretty standard practice for the Corby family

In the two-page letter, plus a separate statement, the family said that Corby needed the interview to regain her life.

“We hope that you can understand that Corby has suffered trauma due to the media exposure. Ever since her release, journalists have climbed the villa’s walls and onto the roof to get pictures of her and camped outside the villa’s fence. But this interview is not only for Schapelle; all of our family members have been followed and pursued. A week before Schapelle was released, we were pursued by the media, as well as our three children,” the letter stated.

In the letter, Widyarta and Mercedes reasoned that the interview would end the media craze.

“The media want to hear from Schapelle, and she will be continuously haunted until they get something […] We believe that by doing the interview with a journalist whom she trusts and is comfortable with, is one way to do this.”

She was lucky that she did not get the death penalty, and should be grateful that she was released on parole – and hopefully she’ll disappear from public view real soon.

Unfortunately she’ll have to stay here in Bali until 2017, which is a condition of her parole. There are other conditions attached to her “freedom”, but I would not be surprised at all to hear in the not so distant future that she has broken these conditions and ends up where I feel she belongs, in prison.

Or maybe Indonesia, but more specifically Bali, will get so fed up with her presence here, that they send her back to Australia.

She is one of the reasons that Australians have such a bad reputation in Bali – so let’s clean up Bali and get rid of her.


Bali Gov. Pastika not so popular after all?


Jokowi – New President?



from the Jakarta Post 28 February 2014


Ubud – Political Graffiti

A little while back, on an early morning walk in Ubud, I came across the first piece of political graffiti I have seen in Bali, and here it is


Ubud political graffiti Ubud_graffiti

Not surprising me at all,  next day it had been painted over – what’s wrong with change?


Nyepi Day 2014

Nyepi Day 2014 is on 31 March 2014

This year, instead of writing about Nyepi Day, I recommend that you click on this link for the very informative wikipedia article for this most important day in the Bali Hindu calendar


On the evening before, if you are in Bali, check out the ogoh ogoh parade in your neighbourhood – and make sure that the battery in your camera, phone or tablet is fully charged – I am sure you’ll want to take heaps of photos or video footage.


the night before Nyepi Day



Example of Indonesian newspaper reporting

Here is an example of the typical way Indonesian newspapers report –  this appeared in the well-respected Jakarta Post 19 Dec 2012

Oleng said after the trial that he would appeal with a higher court.

“I did not rape [her]. I just killed [her]. They are not seeking justice, just seeking a way to punish me. I had repeatedly requested to prove my innocence but it was never granted,” he said.

the full article can be seen here:

UIN student’s murderer gets death penalty | The Jakarta Post