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Very Funny

I was just having a look at some other Bali websites and came across this under Travel Tips “you should do”

Be carefull to bring meat if you are walking, it interests the wild dog

I can just see myself walking around with a daypack full of meat to interest the wild dogs! When all I wanted to do was take some photos of birds and butterflies


Ubud Organic Market

Yesterday I went to the Ubud Organic Market at Pizza Bagus. I wanted to buy some seedlings for my future herb garden, but had to order them – no problem. I bought some spices, a pack of Moringa Oleifera powder, and at the Pizza Bagus  deli I got some anchovies and speck. But there was one other stall I had to return to – Chok Chok Chocolate! People who know me, know that I am a chocaholic, and the chocolate on offer looked just too good to resist. Just so you know what I am talking about, I add a photo here!DSC_0028


Nyepi Day 12 March 2013

just a quick note to  let you know that 12 March is Nyepi Day in 2013. When planning your Bali holiday, please take this into account, as there wont be any activities of any kind that day. Please note that you wont be able to make any transport arrangements for that day either, and that even the airport, both international and domestic, will be closed down. If you try to book flights to/from Bali for 12 March, you’ll find that there is no flight availability showing.


Funny Enquiry

A friend of mine who has a dive shop in the north of Bali, received this enquiry:

On 28 March 2012 04:10 (sender name/address deleted)

Are you guys operating dives this 30th ? (only sunny day for the next five days)
i am a solo advance diver from Singapore. self equipped with no reg.


Learn Indonesian on your iPod

World Nomads, the people who bring you so much more than just travel insurance, have a nifty little language app which is is free for you to download by simply clicking on the icon  Learn Indonesian. Indonesian is just one of almost 30 language guides you can download, either to your iPod or as MP3 podcasts.


Mola Mola – A Visitor from the Deep

Jo is back at Tulamben

My friend Jo Morgan from Western Australia is back in Tulamben, on the north east coast of Bali. As always, she is diving with Tulamben Wreck Divers, the best dive centre in Tulamben.

Yesterday, on the 06.30 early morning, dive she was greeted by a very special, out of season, visitor.  A 3 metre mola mola was being pampered at a cleaning station close to the USAT Liberty wreck, at only 21 metres. So she had plenty of time to take some pics. Because of the strong winds and rain we have had over the last few days, visibility wasn’t that crash hot.

visitor from the Deep


Nyepi Day 23 March 2012

Just a quick reminder that it’s Nyepi Day on 23 March 2012 – this means that Bali basically closes down for 24 hours. Make sure you have plenty of snacks and drinks (including water) in your room to see you through – If you are going to watch DVDs, please keep the sound down, as Nyepi Day actually means “Silent Day” . Enjoy the ogoh-ogoh parade on the evening of 22 March, it’s quite spectacular!

the night before Nyepi Day


Bali Airport – How to win the Trolley Lottery

I’ve just come back to Bali after a few days at home in Cairns.

The one thing I absolutely hate about arriving at Denpasar International Airport is the battle over luggage trolleys. Theoretically trolleys are available free of charge, for passengers to use within the airport. However, in practice it looks rather different. All the supposedly free trolleys are claimed by the porters (the guys in cream coloured slacks and blue shirts in the attached photo), and to use a trolley, you have to pay the porter. Free trolleys at Bali International Airport? Only if you can wrestle one away from a porter, or if you win the Bali trolley lottery, finding one which has not been claimed. The real problem is that the airport management company charges the porters a huge sum of money to work at the airport (they are NOT airport employees), and somehow these guys want to/need to get that investment back, and I don’t have a problem with that. That is, if they carry my luggage, or use one of the oversized luggage trolleys which are there for the porters to use.


Pinterest Update

Pinterest Update

As promised here is my update.

I went on the Pinterest waitlist on 30 January, and on 03 February I received my confirmation. Just a 4 day wait, which I used to browse around Pinterest – but I still have to learn a lot. One thing I am already sure off – it’s a lot of fun, and I have to watch that I don’t spend too much time just having fun – but then again, why not?