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So you have decided to DIY (do it yourself). Who needs a travel agent anyway, when all the information needed is freely available on the internet? Of course you are right, all it needs is a bit of (patient) googling. There is just one small problem: information is not the same as knowledge.

Travel forums like Thorntree and travel fish get 100s of posts each day (or maybe even thousands – I don’t really know)  from people who are trying to make sense of all the information they have collected on the first part of their trip – their journey through various search engines.

OK, you have booked your flights – that was easy enough, and now you start sending emails to local operators, transport companies, and hotels. Blast, the cute little homestay you absolutely need to stay at, does not have an email address, or does not reply to your email – and the phone number either no longer works, or the person at the other end does not speak your language and simply hangs up on you – what now? Back to Thorntree and travel fish, maybe, just maybe someone out there has the information you need, and wouldn’t it be fantastic if that information was up to date as well?

By now you have spent considerable time on the internet, maybe you have printed off pages and pages of information, but you still have the feeling that you are not  making any progress. Maybe your departure is only a couple of weeks away, and other than having booked your flights, you are still up in the air (no pun intended) about the rest of your holidays.

Let me give you a hand – I’ll put together a suggested time line (also called itinerary) for you. I’ll put everything into a geographically logical order, to avoid you wasting time and money. And I’ll provide you with up to date contact information and links, or, if you want me to, I can make your reservations for you – things you feel you really need to book before you leave home, as the success of your holiday hinges on these components being in place.

Check out the Specials page for contact information. The price you pay for my knowledge (not simply information) is US$/AU$20.

I live in Bali, but have lived in other parts of Indonesia as well. I have been a travel agent for close to ? years – I started straight after school, and I am still at it. I have worked for very upmarket retail outlets, and for adventure travel companies, I have worked as a tour escort and for international airlines. I am not saying that I know it all, because I don’t. However, this part of the world is my backyard, and if I can’t help you, there is a good chance that I can put you in touch with someone who has more specific, local knowledge than I do.

I promise that I’ll acknowledge your email/payment the moment I receive it (unless it’s in the middle of the night and I am asleep), and that I’ll send you your tailor made itinerary within 48 hours.

Why wait –  click on the link and send me an email now


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