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Here is where you’ll find “nuts and bolts” information, which helps you when planning your trip to Bali, or assists you in some way when you are already here.

Some of it, like the need for travel insurance, is just common sense stuff, meant to point out that it is really very important to take out insurance before you leave home.

Other information, like the contact details for consulates and hospitals, is hard to come by in a hurry, as there are basically no telephone books (directories) available in Bali.  A dear friend of mine, Putu, is a highly trained local paramedic with outstanding English language skills. I am very happy that he has generously agreed for me to put his telephone number on this website. Putu has helped me personally when I needed it, but please only contact him when it’s really urgent, and/or you feel that the staff at the local medical facilities don’t seem to be able to understand you.

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Emergency Contacts

General Hints

Travel Insurance