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When walking around Ubud you are constantly accosted by guys offering “taxi”. First of all, there are NO taxis in Ubud, so what these people are offering is private car transport, priced accordingly! The drivers usually don’t speak much English, and they are not “guides” .

One exception is Wayan “Benot” and he is my driver/guide of choice

He is not just a driver, he is also one of the best guides I have come across in a long time. He is completely connected with the Balinese culture, and loves passing on his knowledge with a great deal of enthusiasm. His day tours are totally flexible, and tailor made according to your wishes. He offers a (very) early morning tour, which lets you catch a glimpse of daily activities, and gives you the opportunity for taking some extraordinary photos. His temple tours are memorable for the insight they offer into the different aspects of Bali Hinduism. On his tours Benot travels the back roads around Ubud, making a day tour with him very special indeed.  Wayan speaks very good English, and he can also help you sourcing any special purchases you would like to make.  He also does airport pick up/drop off at a fair price. You can contact Wayan “Benot” on local mobile phone number 08123977452 (international: +628123977452) or by emailing him w_benot@yahoo.com

Wayan Benot guide and driver extraordinaire